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Escape Box

No Space Is To Small!!!

These boxes are completely self contained. They include all the riddles, puzzles, and thrill of a traditional escape room but with the utmost portability. Perfect options for intimate gatherings, family game night, group team building, parties or any social event you would like to add a 'wow' factor to.

Philosophers Stone
Wizard Quest

30 or 60 mins 4-6 players
1.67 x 1.64 x 1.51 ft - 55 lbs

The Wizard Mobile Escape game takes players on the quest for Nicolas Flamel’s most precious treasure – the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Every puzzle is of a different kind and engages every player. Some challenges require two or more people so it is great as a fun cooperative game for team-building events.

This play time can be longer making it suitable for intimate gatherings, family game night, kids birthday parties, scout groups, dinner parties or a friends night in!

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