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Escape Box

No Space Is To Small!!!

These boxes are completely self contained. They include all the riddles, puzzles, and thrill of a traditional escape room but with the utmost portability. Perfect options for intimate gatherings, family game night, group team building, parties or any social event you would like to add a 'wow' factor to.


10 mins 2-4 players

Are you in a hostage situation? Are you part of the military overseas? Let your imagination go wild as you imagine or even create your own scenario. The clock ticks down from ten minutes as adrenaline runs high! Will you diffuse the bomb in time?

Smaller groups creates a great opportunity for teamwork as well as friendly competition between individual groups. Who was the fastest and most adept bomb squad? A shorter time frame makes for quicker turn around so your guests or employees can continue to enjoy other activities.

Philosophers Stone
Wizard Quest

30 or 60 mins 4-6 players
1.67 x 1.64 x 1.51 ft - 55 lbs

The Wizard Mobile Escape game takes players on the quest for Nicolas Flamel’s most precious treasure – the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Every puzzle is of a different kind and engages every player. Some challenges require two or more people so it is great as a fun cooperative game for team-building events.

This play time can be longer making it suitable for intimate gatherings, family game night, kids birthday parties, scout groups, dinner parties or a friends night in!

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