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What's Included?


13 x 13 foot tent with the theme of your choosing

  • The walls are printed with vibrant imaging and detail to create a truly immersive environment

  • Additional props, tables and puzzles are added within the tent to  complete the experience

  • a portable cooling or heating unit is provided as needed

Complete set up and breakdown of your chosen game in the location of   your choosing​

Game Master to run the games

  • Provides clues and answers any questions that may arise 

  • debriefs each group at the end of their game and resets for the next  group


Our most portable games 

  • It is ready to play upon arrival

  • Easily reset to be played more than once

Delivery and pick up at a location of your choice

  • Contactless delivery available

Easy to follow printed guides

  • Optional clues to facilitate game progress to the end​​

  • Instruction for game play and reset 

  • Content list for seamless return

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How Does It Work?


We arrive to your venue about an hour beforehand to set up the tent and props. We do need a power source but if one is not reasonably available we have a generator. We do ask that you provide a minimum of 14 x 14 foot space for our tent. Each group of guests are provided a short introduction to what an escape room is, how to work any locks they may not be familiar with, how to ask for clues, and any safety measures that may be necessary. The length of each game varies (15-30 mins) depending on your preference as well as what theme you choose. Specific options can be found under our booking tab. The game master is engaged for the entirety of the game helping the group as needed. At the end of the game the Gamemaster debriefs the group as well as lets the victors take pictures! The room is then reset and the fun starts all over again! After the last group we need about another hour to disassemble everything and pack up. It's that easy!


This option is self run, but please don't let this intimidate you. It is a more flexible and more affordable option that is designed specifically to combine excitement with ease of use. We agree on a drop off and pick up time at a location of your choosing. Inside you will find full instructions to ensure your event goes flawlessly. The Wizard box is quite heavy. We suggest using a foldable table we will provide so that the box doesn't scratch your furniture. If opting for contactless delivery make sure you have someone on hand to assist lifting the box. We have straps and handles for ease of lifting.

How Does It Work?
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