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What if I need to Cancel?

A $200 non refundable deposit for tent rentals and $50 non refundable deposit for box rentals will be required to hold your date. The remainder is not due until the day of the event. If you need to cancel for any reason we will refund your money minus the deposit.

Can I extend my rental?

What if there is inclement weather?

Inclement weather should not affect any indoor venues. Our tents are made of strong canvas and can withstand most rain and wind if your event is outdoors. If your event is however rescheduled to a "rain date" we will do our best to accommodate your new date with no additional charge. Snow, Ice or hurricane type winds may make travel and /or set up dangerous so we do reserve the right to cancel if we feel it is necessary. In that case you would be refunded 100% including any deposits made.

Are these appropriate for children?

What areas do you serve?

We travel 25 miles of 19804 zip code (50 mile total round trip) for mobile tent services and 10 miles (20 mile total roundtrip) of 19804 for escape boxes. For tent rentals of 5 hours or more we will travel up to 40 miles of 19804 and for full day rentals of escape boxes we will travel up to 20 miles of 19804. For any additional mile (2 mile round trip) there is a $5 per mile additional fee.

How many people can I have in a group?

Sure! On occasion there may be a booking for your theme after your event and in that case we unfortunately would not be able to.

Yes!  Some themes they may find scary such as Infection but there are no scare tactics used in any of our escape rooms.

That varies depending on the length of the game. Our tents can fit up to 8 people comfortably; but a fifteen minute game does not include enough puzzles to make 8 people all feel engaged and therefore not all of your guests would find it as exciting. We suggest 4-6 people for the 15 minute games, 6 people for 30 minute games and 6-8 people for 60 minute games.

How much rental time will I need for 100 people?

Are there any Delivery Fees?

Do I need a power source?

That varies greatly depending upon which game you chose (15, 30 or 60 min) and if you think all 100 guests will want to participate. Remember that some groups will take longer and others less. There is also a few minutes in between to introduce, answer ques and reset that has to be accounted for. Please see our planning page to assist you in estimating your specific needs.

Nope! We keep it simple - hourly cost and that's it! We do add a mileage fee for extended distances. Check out the "What areas do you serve?" question in this section for further details on that.

In the event that your venue is outside away from a power source we do have a generator that we can use if needed.

General Questions
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How big is the tent?

Will we actually be locked inside the tent?

Can we bring food/drinks into the tent?

Our tents are 13 foot by 13 foot (L x W). The height can be adjustd. We ask for a 14 x 14 foot clearance to set up the tent.

No. Most escape rooms require a task to be completed vs unlocking a door. We do have a "door" that we zipper to close just to make for a more immersive experience for those inside. The zipper can be left fully or partially open if the group feels more comfortable that way. 

For safety reasons, we do not allow any food or drinks inside the tents. To maintain the safety of all players and staff involved, we reserve the right to turn away any players who we believe to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Is the Tent temperature controlled?

How late do you rent?

Can you set up on cement?

We have a cooling and heating unit we can utilize if needed to make the temperature in tent more comfortable.

The earliest we will be available to start is 8am. We will be there earlier than that to set up. the latest we will rent is 10pm. We will need additional time to pack up.

It is most ideal for us to have ground we can stake into. While weights can hold down the tent legs, stakes help to hold the sides taught and prevent them from blowing in and out. It can be very distracting and ruin the experience. Please contact us and we will be happy to see what we can work out.

Tent Quetions
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What if I have questions after you drop off our game?

What if we break something!

We are just a text or phone call away! We strive to make your rental as fun and simple as possible but even the best plans and instructions aren't perfect for everyone. Please don't struggle we want you and your guests to enjoy your experience.

These boxes are built tough. We ask that you try to set up on a sturdy surface out of the way of food and drinks and you should be fine. Some pieces may be misplaced or accidentally put in a pocket so we do ask that you follow the reset guide to make sure every lock is secured and every puzzle piece is accounted for.

Can kids play?

Absolutely! Kids as young as 3 love to help with  pushing buttons and opening boxes. It's a great addition to a kids or teens sleep over or birthday party where they can all work together and feel like winners! These stimulate the minds of everyone young and old. 

What is the latest you will drop off?

The earliest we will be avilable to  drop off a game is 8am the latest we will drop off is 7pm. The latest we will pick up is 9pm. If you feel you will need a later rental look at our overnight rental option.

Box Questions
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